Top 100 Interior Design Product Manufacturers

A dynamic list of the top 100 interior design product manufacturers

A dymanic list of the most popular interior design product manufacturers on MyDecor.

Top 100 Interior Design Product Manufacturers



Our modern classics are collector’s items—not only the masterpieces of yesterday, but of tomorrow as well. We aim above all to produce individual pieces of great originality and formal perfection—pieces with the potential to become classics ... Read more



Tradition, creativity and innovative spirit are the lifeblood of the Talenti team. Extensive market research and the use of advanced technological tools, sometimes unique, because we have invented and developed, make it powerful and flexible produ... Read more



Tekhne was established in Cormòns (Gorizia) in 1994 , by the desire of the founders to build a company based on quality, with a contemporary design and highly characterized by a recognizable identity.
The identity of Tekhne is based on the exper... Read more



Lladró cria todas as suas estatuetas na Cidade de Porcelana, localizado em Tavernes Blanques (Valencia). Os primeiros edifícios foram inaugurados em 1969 e com a expansão global da empresa foram ampliadas para chegar a 100.000 sq. Pés. A cidad... Read more



Since its founding in 1830, the House of Christofle has cultivated its unique know-how, modernizing its techniques and execution to keep up with the times. Whether they are creations by designers or artists, re-editions and historic reproductions ... Read more


Maison Valentina

We are a new luxury bathroom brand that provides a collection capable of making your projects came true, with high-end solutions as bathtubs, washbasins and free standing washbasins, mirrors, lighting, case goods and other products made with the f... Read more


David Trubridge

Our business is comprised of two distinct yet congruous areas: production which manufactures the stock lights & furniture, and the design studio. Driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy we work developing ideas and artistic design ... Read more



PLANK’s history dates back to 1893. The basic objective has always been the investigation and intensive research for technological possibilities connected to design. In recent years the company has placed at the center of its work a strong conne... Read more



Alivar was established in 1984, inspired by the idea of re-enacting some of the masterpieces of modern furnishing and design history. Alivar is in fact internationally renowned as being the only company that produces the most complete and fully co... Read more


XO Design

XO. An old cognac ? "Kisses and hugs"? No. Look again. Don't try to apply a known pattern. It's a croos and circle. If you like rebus, you can even read it "Cross the line". See ? Now it's obvious. That's what design is all about a new look on thi... Read more

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