Skagerak is a family-run company with historical roots in Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions. Our passion for wood and our focus on quality have remained intact, as we have developed into a modern design brand with an extensive selection of contemporary products in a wide range of materials, created by established designers as well as up-and-coming talents.
Our vision is to create furniture that is ensured a long lifespan by virtue of its aesthetic and functional qualities. That is how we define sustainability. That things are made to last. That they age well and accumulate stories. Because in our world, good stories and relationships are what matters most, and we strive to design furniture that facilitates memorable meetings between people.

At Skagerak, we set the bar high in our effort to develop furniture that will be as relevant in twenty years’ time as it is today, living side by side with our classics. Products characterised by craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and warm and inviting aesthetic qualities. Products that appeal to people of all ages and bring beauty into your everyday life.

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