Lindsey Adelman

Lindsey Adelman designs and produces lighting in Manhattan. Inspired by structural forms found in nature, her signature branching chandeliers incorporate raw materials such as hand-blown glass, porcelain, brass, bronze, leather, and wood. Founded in 2006, the studio has grown into a team of 20 who work collaboratively in each aspect of the business. Lindsey discovered Industrial Design while working at the Smithsonian and introducing herself to a woman carving french fries out of foam for an exhibition. Thinking that looked like more fun than her editorial job, she left to get a degree in ID from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996. Her work has been exhibited at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Design Miami, and Nilufar Gallery. The body of work has grown to include vessels, jewelry, blankets, wallpaper, tiles, and video. Always asking the question "what if?" the studio now embraces a philanthropic mission supporting Robin Hood Foundation to fight poverty in NYC. Lindsey continues to be moved by experimentation, cross-pollination, and joining forces to create what does not yet exist. She lives with her designer husband Ian and their son Finn in Brooklyn.

Manufacturer working with Lindsey Adelman

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