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Milan, Lombardy, Italy
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The company's strong tradition of craftsmanship is reflected in every project, every piece of furniture and extreme attention to product quality: this is Lema, these are his identity and his philosophy. For over 40 years, the company have designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of home furniture, always paying close attention to the care of the product during all phases of construction -from design, through close collaboration with designers, up to final steps of production. And it is in the attention to quality that resides the essence of Italian design and the extraordinary way in which Lema interprets it . All products are linked together by a common thread that is the comfort, the philosophy of slow living and the harmony of the interior which is achieved using light colors in environments dedicated to rest and relax and brighter colors for convivial rooms .
Lema was founded in 1970 by the Meroni family, who continue to at the helm in keeping with a deep tradition dating back to the 1940s. The group is composed of the divisions home, contract and office with the International Office Concept. Lema was the first Italian company to develop a load-bearing side-panel system in various finishes and the wardrobe by the centimeter, custom built to satisfy any needs. These two products symbolize the attention dedicated by the company to its clientele. This care is seen in the great variety of interpretations in the catalogue for the home, in the tailor-made installations designed with great architects and in the ad hoc solutions for the office

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