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Driade was born in '68, some decades ago, in the same period as the trends that would have characterized the twentieth century: both the rigor of geometric and rational design and , on the other hand, the recovery of pop art and its influence on pop and radical design. Today, the "design landscape" is quite different, permeated as it is by the globalization and all- embracing digitization.

The epoch of Mathildenhöhe was the early twentieth century, now we are in the XXI century: the age of the avant-garde, of rationalism vs. expressionism, of geometry vs. dreamy figures, has gone. The conflicts that characterized the design of the last century, if not yet disappeared, are certainly vanishing and have acquired a different sense.

This phase is marked by the multiplicity of languages that make it difficult to identify trends or relationships. A variety of authors, not always easily assessable and not all entirely acceptable, is building this century, which is characterized, in art and design, by pluralism, multiplicity of signs, and "idiolects" - as Roland Barthes called the use of language specific of a single author. The "Aesthetic laboratory" of Driade is fully relevant in this new and pluralist twenty-first century, while continuing to pursue its dream of "celebration of life and art".

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